YosemiteWedding I love photography and creating beautiful images.

I have dedicated my career to pursuing my photographic dreams, working as a staff photojournalist covering local, national and international news and events. As I look back, I wouldn’t have traded those experiences for anything.

Now, as a freelancer and small business owner, the same inspirations which accompanied me through my photojournalistic adventures, guide me as I work with individuals, couples, families, and companies.

No matter the endeavor, the one constant is finding the defining moments and the emotional impact that reveals the heart of the story or image. Images that reflect your stories, your events, and your milestones.

Whether the occasion is an event, a family portrait, a corporate assignment, or a lover’s memento, I’ll seek out and capture images that will always reveal a different aspect of themselves on every viewing.

Images that will never be exhausted or forgotten. Images that you will always cherish.