I love surprises!

About a week ago, I had an assignment to photograph Sandra and Valerie, who are with the Guardian Scholars program. I arrived at the location, a home, that was under construction.

As I walked up, I admit, I panicked. I could see inside, and the interior was in complete disarray. The furniture was huddled in the middle of the expansive living room, and there were construction materials everywhere. There was really no suitable area with a nice background for a studio lit portrait.

Valerie then suggested the idea of an outside location, for which I did not hold much hope… But, to my astonishment, from the rear of the home, there was a beautiful view of Lake Miramar.

A hidden gem! The small rolling hills and lake, caressed in the late afternoon sunlight, created a gorgeous painting-like backdrop for my subjects, and I couldn’t have been happier!




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