Willie and Dan


Willie and Dan had a lot of fun before, during and after their ceremony at San Diego’s County Administration Building!


Willie and Dan_xp_001_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_002_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_003_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_004_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_005_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_006_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_007_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_008_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_009_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_010_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_011_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_012_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_013_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_014_P.jpgWillie and Dan_xp_015_P.jpg
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